Why would you choose our Supplement Treats?

Why would you choose our Supplement Treats?

Supplementing vitamins and minerals for humans has become increasingly popular in recent years, with people wanting to prevent the niggles they’re prone to and boost their overall wellbeing. So why wouldn’t we do the same for our dogs?

If your dog lacks essential vitamins and minerals, they will quickly become undernourished. Veterinary studies show that 25 – 65% of dogs suffer with this issue, which increases their susceptibility to disease. It can cause stunted growth, poor mental and physical health, dysfunctional metabolic processing, a weaker immune system, and your dog can become more prone to injury. 

Current Dog supplements as we know them just don’t seem to work. From hiding pills in treats, to crushing tablets and stirring the powder into food, supplementing your dog’s diet is not always easy. We believe supplements should be far more enjoyable, and much simpler than that! If we have delicious chewy alternatives, or yummy green juices, surely our pets deserve the same treatment?  

After reflecting on this issue and listening to our customers’ struggles in finding a product that promotes overall wellbeing as well as responding to problem their dog is facing, we created our supplement treat range.

Our Supplement treat range contains 7 products which target specific ailments including:

  1. Multivitamin
  2. Joint and Mobility
  3. Calming
  4. Dental
  5. Allergy and itch
  6. Probiotic
  7. Skin and Coat


But what sets us apart from the rest of the market?

 Across our entire range, we use a base of only two ingredients, supplemented with all-natural, targeted vitamins and minerals. We are the only ones on the market with this unique, functional base. No unnecessary carbs, grains, chemicals, or fillers.

The first base ingredient we use are ‘Sprats’. These small fish are packed the Omega 3, without all the oiliness. Sprats are the tasty base that we can build our targeted vitamin and mineral formulations on to. But they’re not only yummy, they also provide many benefits, such as reducing inflammation, improving brain function, and a much-needed immunity boost. 

The second base ingredient we use is ‘Coconut’. Just as many of us enjoy coconut oil as a natural moisturiser for our skin, hair and nails, our supplement treats also include coconut. Coconut possesses renowned fatty acids which work their magic to make your dog shine inside and out!

Our supplement treats are designed to be used throughout your pet’s lifetime. Each one contains strong active ingredients that will make a lasting impact, but the formulation is gentle enough that it can be used every day, for months and years to come to ensure that you have protected your pet’s wellbeing and prevent pesky problems before they arise.


But why would you pick our supplement treats, over our other products?

If you are a returning customer, you may be aware that we have an existing range of 100% natural liquid herbal extracts, which are aimed at targeting common issues that your pet may face. We provide a variety of options that meet your dog’s needs, no matter the situation. These herbal extracts contain higher concentrations of active ingredients than our supplement treats, as they are designed to target a problem that arises and provide instant relief. We therefore suggest using these products over a shorter period, until the issue has subsided and then transition over to our supplement treats, which provide a smaller, daily dose of active ingredients to keep issues at bay and preserve your pet’s wellbeing throughout the course of their life.

No matter what age, breed, or problem you are trying to combat, there is a supplement treat as effective as any pill out there that can help you. If you are looking for some more information and guidance to decide which product is right for your dog, have a read of our supplement treat guide!

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