Akhira’s Story: How Pets Purest Scottish Salmon Oil Helped Her Shed Her Worries

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At Pets Purest, we love hearing stories that warm our hearts and reaffirm our commitment to the well-being of our beloved pets. Today, we're thrilled to share a touching tale about Akhira, a Husky whose life took a remarkable turn for the better with the help of our Scottish Salmon Oil. 


Nurturing a Healthy Companion 

Like many of us, Minta is a devoted pet owner who has always strived to provide their canine companion (Akhira), with the best care possible.  

“I suspected that Akhira might have been lacking in certain nutrients, particularly omega 3, which was resulting in excessive shedding. I was determined to address this issue, so decided to give Pets Purest Salmon Oil a try." 


Enter Pets Purest Scottish Salmon Oil 

Salmon Oil is often seen as a game-changer in pet supplements. Packed with omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, this 100% natural, sustainably sourced oil turned out to be the all-rounder Akhira needed. The potential benefits? Aiding joint mobility, supporting brain and heart health, and maintaining a healthy skin and coat.  

“It seemed like the answer I had been searching for!” Minta added. “Since incorporating Pets Purest Salmon Oil into Akhira's meals, the changes have been nothing short of remarkable.” 

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The Remarkable Results Unveiled 

Not only did Minta notice that Akhira’s shedding has been significantly reduced, but Akhira also displayed increased energy levels and cleaner bowel movements. 

“Witnessing these positive changes over the course of two months has been truly heartening, confirming that choosing Pets Purest Salmon Oil was the right decision.” 

Minta was able to improve Akhira’s skin and coat by simply adding a couple of pumps a day to Akhira’s meals, without her even noticing. If anything, it would’ve only enhanced the flavour, with many pet owners using the supplement to encourage their pets to eat their food by improving palatability.  

As a brand we look to make implementing supplements into your pet’s diet as easy as possible, which is why we opt for easy-to-use, no-mess pumps and droppers. 

Pets Purest Salmon Oil has exceeded my expectations, and the noticeable improvements in Akhira's overall happiness and vitality speak volumes about the product's effectiveness.”  

 husky running through grass

Why Trust Pets Purest Salmon Oil 

Pets Purest Scottish Salmon Oil is a great all-rounder for your pet's health, addressing several key health concerns that pet owners commonly have; from maintaining a healthy skin and coat, to supporting joint mobility, heart health and brain health. 

Choosing Pets Purest means choosing a brand that prioritises the health and happiness of your pets, with our Salmon Oil a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our products. The transformative journey Akhira experienced is just one of many stories that showcase the positive impact Pets Purest can have on your pet's wellbeing. 


Expressing Gratitude and Continuing the Journey 

“I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the entire Pets Purest team for their dedication to creating high-quality, natural products that make a genuine difference in the lives of pets. I'm not only a satisfied customer, but a confident advocate for Pets Purest Salmon Oil.” Minta said “To fellow pet owners seeking the best for their pets, I wholeheartedly recommend Pets Purest Scottish Salmon Oil—a simple yet powerful supplement that can truly transform your pet's life.” 

We’re proud to be part of hundreds of stories just like Akhira’s. But none of these stories are really about our products; they’re about pet owners like Minta searching for new natural ways to help keep their pets fit and healthy.

happy husky running through grass

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