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Does your dog have bad breath? You are...

Does your dog have bad breath? You are not alone, a buildup of...

Does your dog have bad breath? You are not alone, a buildup of bacteria and plaque can make your dog's breath smell pretty bad. We want to keep...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients do you use within your Dental products?

We use a range of different 100% natural ingredients across our dental products, including (but not limited to) Seaweed, Green Tea Extract, Activated Charcoal and Hypochlorous Acid. All of our products are clearly labelled so that you know exactly what’s in each product.

Are your Dental products suitable for all pets?

The vast majority of our products are suitable for dogs, cats and other pets; however, you should always check the individual product listing to make sure. Suitability is always clearly indicated for each individual product. For example our Deer Antlers and Yak Chews are suitable for dogs only.

Can I use one or more of your Dental products together?

Yes, our products can be used in combination with each other, however some may perform a similar function. One particular powerful combination is pairing our Plaque Powder alongside our Dental Spray or Dental Treats, which work together to enhance your pet’s oral hygiene.

How long before I should start to see results?

All of our supplements are designed to start working immediately; however, some have a more cumulative effect over several days or weeks. We recommend using our products proactively, making them part of your pet’s daily routine, rather than using them in a reactive way once the issue or concern has worsened.

Can I use your Dental supplements every day?

Yes, all of our supplements are gentle on tummies, specially formulated for everyday use. For best results, we recommend you use them daily as part of your pet’s daily wellness routine.

How much of each product should I use?

All of our supplements are clearly labelled with a recommended usage guide. The daily recommendations are based on an average pet; however, we know that all cats and dogs are different. Reducing the amount will likely reduce its effects, however may still show benefits to your pet. Similarly, increasing the amount may enhance its effects, however we urge that you speak with our UK-based Customer Support Team before increasing the amount beyond what is indicated on the label.

Are all of your products available on subscription?

Yes, all of our products (excluding pre-set bundles) are available via subscription. Subscribers enjoy 20% OFF every order, convenient hassle-free deliveries and exclusive offers/promotions. You can change, cancel or amend your subscription at any time.

What makes Pets Purest different to other brands?

Founded in 2017, our vision is to be the UK’s first 100% natural pet supplement brand, providing healthy, natural alternatives to many mass-produced pet products. Free from any artificial chemicals, preservatives or fillers, we strive to deliver only the best products for you and your pet.

We show clearly what ingredients we include across our entire range, making it simple for pet owners to understand exactly what the product is and does.

  • 100% Natural Dental Chews and Treats for Dogs

    At Pets Purest, we’re proud to provide an extensive range of products made with 100% natural ingredients. Whether it’s our dental chews for dogs or our dog dental spray, our 100% natural formula has been designed to not only help remove plaque and tartar but also prevent them from forming in the first place, all without the stress of toothbrushing.

  • Dental Chews For Dogs

    Dental chews for dogs can benefit your pet’s dental health in several valuable ways. ​​The repeated chewing action helps to strengthen your dog’s teeth, remove plaque and prevent bad breath. Not only this, but our variety of dental chews for dogs also act as enrichment, keeping your pet entertained and stress-free.

  • No More Bad Breath with Our Dog Dental Spray

    Don’t be put off by bad breath whenever your dog needs some attention or a cuddle! With our 100% natural dog dental spray and dental chews, you can wave goodbye to bad breath, knowing that you’re preventing plaque buildup and infection.

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