Back To School - For Dogs!

Back To School - For Dogs!

Back To School - For Dogs!

As September roles around again kids across the UK will be heading back to the classroom, the dreaded time of year that marks the end of fun summer holidays and the start of study and learning, but it’s not just the kids that should be heading back to the classroom, in this blog we’ll discuss exactly why learning something new is just as good for our four legged friends and maybe give you some inspiration to get training with your pup!

I’m sure most dog owners will have taught their dog a few tricks in their time, from sit to shake there are so many fun and also useful tricks we can teach our dog’s that go beyond the traditional, sit, paw and lie down, whether it’s for a group class in obedience or just for some entertainment at home.

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It’s a great way to keep dogs stimulated and can even help them become smarter! We focus a lot of physical stimulation with long walks, swimming or games of fetch and while that’s super important for our pets wellbeing, they also have mental energy that needs to be used and trick training does just that, it helps their brains work through and problem solve and regular training will actually help your dog get smarter and help them pick up other training quicker, even helping you to move on to more complex tricks.

It helps improve our relationship with our dogs. Training our dogs is a great way to bond with them, spending more time with them one and one and helping them to work through problems as a team.

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It helps your dog build confidence. As silly as it may sound to talk about confidence in dogs, it’s actually really important to our dogs day to day lives, from dealing with new or challenging situations or even moving on to group training classes in agility or other sports. Dogs that spend time learning new tricks will have a better level of confidence and be more willing to try new things.

It can improve you and your dogs health. We all know happy dogs are healthy dogs but lots of tricks actually help our dogs to strengthen and develop muscle tone and flexibility. They can also help with balance and concentration too, reducing the risk of injury to our dogs. It’s also a great excuse for us to get off the sofa and get moving, helping improve our health too.

Dogs love it! Have you ever felt satisfied with a job well done? Whether it’s mowing the lawn or a productive day at work, we’ve all felt that feeling at being able to reap the rewards of some work well done, our dogs are the same!  Working for rewards is satisfying and is great for our pups.

If you’re looking for the perfect treat for your training session our 100% Grain Free Training Treats are exactly what you need! Available in poultry and made from 5 quality ingredients our recipe is healthy and simple, gently cooked to maintain vitamins and minerals with no nasty added chemicals or additives. The Junk Free recipe  keeps the a low calorie but tasty reward perfect for puppies and dogs of any age.

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So what’s stopping you? Why not see what fun new tricks you can teach your pup! We’d love to see what they can master, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @PetsPurest.

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