Customer Story: Harvey's Journey To Better Health

Customer Story: Harvey's Journey To Better Health

Our Story - Beth & Harvey

 Looking for my first dog I stumbled across Harvey, a black Labrador, at a local rescue centre in 2017. I instantly fell in love with what I can only describe as big black blob! Aged 7 and weighing in at a hefty 38kg, Harvey was much larger than he should have been but his waggy tail and happy little face sealed the deal and we brought him home. Following on from the rescues diet plan Harvey continued to lose the extra weight and eventually weighed in at a much more manageable 28kg, 25% less than he had previously! However, despite shedding the extra pounds, Harvey seemed to still struggle with occasional limping and difficulties with his mobility, after a few trips to the vets, some diagnostic imaging and medication trials, Harvey was diagnosed with arthritis in several joints.

Arthritis is a disabling, non-curable and progressive disease that affects 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 8.


Harvey's previous extra weight, breed predisposition and love of chasing balls had sped up the degenerative condition, leaving his joints painful and stiff. Working with our vets we were able to start some medication to alleviate some of the pain and inflammation and help Harvey live a more normal and comfortable life. However, we wanted to ensure we were providing Harvey with the best care, and ensuring this complex disease was being met with a multi-modal treatment plan, thats when we found Pets Purest.


We originally started by adding the 100% Natural Pure Scottish Salmon Oil to Harvey's breakfast each morning and instantly saw benefits in his coat condition and his overall mobility. It also helped that he absolutely loved the taste and with a few squirts of salmon oil on his meal he’d gobble down his prescribed medications without a second thought.



After a year or so and further deterioration in Harvey's condition we began to look at other options that could help him stay comfortable and mobile, already on a small cocktail of prescribed medication each day, we wanted to try and pursue more natural options and that’s when we found 100%  Natural Joint & Hip Aid and the 100% Natural Premium Turmeric Curcumin Capsules, as we’d already had such a great experience with the 100% Natural Pure Scottish Salmon Oil we had no hesitation in trialing these other products and knew we could rely on the brand for high quality products, free from additives that had been produced in the UK. After two weeks of use Harvey was suddenly jumping back up on the sofa, rolling around on the floor with his favourite toys, playing with his friends and at his next hydrotherapy appointment his hydro therapist even noted how he’d happily galloped into his appointment much more spritely than normal and reported that he’d even seemed much more comfortable in the underwater treadmill maintaining a good gait and range of movement.


All three of these Pets Purest products are now daily additions to Harvey's treatment plan and help to contribute to him living a happy and active lifestyle alongside his prescription medication, regular hydrotherapy appointments and home adaptations. Now 11 years old, Harvey's not as active but he is able to enjoy his golden years in comfort and make the most of living life at a slower pace.


Want to know more about our Pets Purest joint supplement range? Find our blog here - with everything you need to know about the 100% natural ingredients that go into our full range of joint care products!

Why not try the ‘Joint Care’ bundle and save over 15% on all three products!

You’ve got the Joint Care bundle, but what’s next? How else can you help your four legged friends joints?

Weight - Everyone knows maintaining a good weight has lots of health benefits, the same can be said for our pets, helping them stick to a healthy weight not only protects them from things like heart disease and diabetes, but also helps them reduce extra strain on their joints, slowing the progression and development of arthritis.


Exercise - While our pets are always ready to head out on their next adventure or play a game of fetch at the park, its important to monitor your pets exercise, checking it a suitable level for their age and breed, as well as ensuring they’re warming up and cooling down before heavy exercise the same way that humans should!

While it may not be easy to get fido stretching out his calves, a gentle walk around the park before any fast and fun games of fetch can help to increases the blood flow to muscles, improves flexibility, decreasing the risk of injury.


Home adaptations - Often overlooked there can be many household hazards for dogs that struggle with mobility.


Dog Bowls - Most dogs with joint concerns can benefit from raised dog bowls, ensuring the bowl is at chest height allows your pet to eat more comfortably in a balanced position without putting extra pressure through their elbow joints.


Slippy floors - While lots of dog owners love the easy wipe clean features of a laminate or wood floor, senior dogs can find them difficult to navigate. Simple non-slip rugs can help give your dog a more stable surface and allow them to move through the house without the risk of slips or falls.


Dog beds - Upgrading your pets’ bed to a thicker foam or mattress can help provide their joints with much needed comfort and support, helping them to get a good night sleep ready for the day ahead.


Steps & stairs - Going up and down stairs can be hard work for our senior pets, restrict their access and offer assistance where necessary, for smaller sets of steps or access in and out of the house small ramps can be a great help.


As always, if you have any health concerns with your pet, such as joint pain or lack of mobility, always consult your vet for advice to discuss the best treatment plan for your pet. It is also important to inform your vet of any supplements you may be giving your pet if they’re already on medication as some supplements can interact with certain medications or have effects of other disease processes.


Do you have a pet that’s benefitted from any products in the Pets Purest range? We’d love to hear more! Email us at and you could be in our next blog feature!

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