How To Help Your Pet Handle Fireworks


We know that not all pets appreciate fireworks! From cats to dogs and ferrets to horses, the loud bangs, bright lights and strange smells can be scary for our pets. So we’re going to share our top tips for keeping your pets calm and reducing the stress of firework season on our four legged friends.


Keep them inside

This is a top tip for most pet owners. If you have a cat, make sure to lock any cat flaps and get them back inside before it gets dark. Dogs should be walked and exercised well before sunset.

It’s also important to ensure your pets microchip details and ID tags are up to date with the correct information. Fireworks can go off without warning even in daylight and spook pets, causing them to get lost. Having the correct information on your pet will help to speed up the reunification process should the worse happen.

For pets like ferrets or guinea pigs you may want to consider moving them inside or into a garage or shed to offer them better protection from the elements and the noises. Blankets and covers can help sound proof hutches and using extra layers of bedding with extra hides will give them somewhere safe to burrow away from the noise.


Close curtains

Once you have got your pet inside you should look to block out those bright flashing lights! Closing curtains not only blocks their ability to see the fireworks but can also help to reduce some of the loud sounds helping to reduce your pets anxiety. Closing internal and external doors as well as any windows will also help with reducing sound and helping your pet feel more safe indoors.

 Dog TV

Turn on the TV or Radio for some background noise

Fireworks are the perfect excuse to cancel plans and curl up with a good movie with your pet for the evening. If your pet does find fireworks stressful we’d really recommend staying home with them, as they’ll be a lot calmer with you around! Whatever you choose to watch, make sure you pop the volume up to try and drown out the whizzes and bangs of fireworks, without upsetting your neighbours of course.


Create safe spaces

Try to make safe spaces within your home for your pet, some dogs like the use of a crate however others may prefer the safety of your bed or their usual sleeping spot, letting them find their own space is important as all dogs are unique and will have different preferences. Cats will often seek out little dens in laundry baskets or under furniture and its best to allow them access to these spaces so they can feel more at ease. Place down blankets that smell familiar and will help keep them cosy to ensure they can rest peacefully until the fireworks have stopped.


Use tasty treats and chews

Lots of owners find their pets cope with anxiety better when they have something to distract them! Long lasting chews like our Himalayan Yak Chews, are a great option! Not only do they help give your pet a chewy challenge but they also help with your pets dental health, removing plaque and tartar!

Pets Purest Yak Milk Chews

Other options include our 100% Natural Peanut Butter which is great for spreading on enrichment toys, which can be frozen for a longer lasting treat. Looking for something else? Why not try our range of functional treats, with our specially formulated 100% Natural Grain Free Calming Treats with Lavender, Camomile & Probiotics these treats help relieve stress, anxiety & calm digestion.

 Pets Purest Calm Pro Calming Aid

Consider trying Pets Purest Calm Pro

A great option for all pets is the use of our Calm Pro, 100% natural and packed with calming herbs and minerals the fast acting and effective formula gets to work in 20 minutes and is an easy to use liquid formula.


Don’t forget you can save money with our Calming Bundle! Containing 3 packs of our 100% Natural Grain Free Calming Treats and a bottle of our 100% Natural Calm Pro to help your pet through the firework season.

 Pets Purest Calming Treats

Does your pet hate fireworks? How will you be spending bonfire night? We’d love to know! Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram - @PetsPurest.


Written by Beth Walker RVN

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