How To Make Bath Time Stress Free For Your Pet


Stress Free Bath Time with Pets Purest

For some pets even the mention of bath time or the running of a tap sparks fear and anxiety. Lots of dogs will run in the opposite direction if they hear their name called from the bathroom. This can cause a lot of stress for owners as well as their pets. Alternatively for young pups it is important to try and make the whole experience as relaxing and calm as possible to set them up for success and ensure they find bath time as positive of an experience as possible.


We’ve put together our stress free bath time guide, featuring our favourite products to help create a better sense of calm and reduce the stress at bath time for the next time Fido needs a freshen up! Whether you’ve got a new addition to your furry family or just want to help reduce stress in your older dog, our guide will look at our extensive range of products that can aid you in a less stressful bath time, helping you pick the perfect combination for your next pamper session.


Calm Pro - 100% Natural Premium Calming Aid - Our natural calming formula gets to work in around 20 minutes to help calm your pet and reduce anxiety. Containing only natural ingredients the effective formula includes valerian and magnesium to provide powerful relief in stressful situations. As a liquid the formula can be easily dispensed directly into the mouth, into water or on your pets food avoiding the difficult task of disguising tablets. Used before a bath this product can help your pet feel more at ease.


100% Natural Grain Free Calming Treats -  Packed with fresh protein our duck and chicken treats are mixed with a selection of active ingredients to help promote calm and encourage a relaxed demeanour in your pet. Our healthy training treats are expertly cooked to lock in the goodness from every vitamin and mineral. Lavender and camomile help relieve stress and anxiety while probiotics ensure easy digestion. The treats are also grain free making them great for pets with sensitivities or allergies. Pop these tasty biscuits in a kibble dispensing toy or scatter feed around the house to use up excess mental energy helping get your pet settled and calm before bathing.


100% Natural Peanut Butter for Dogs - If your pup needs a tasty distraction our natural dog friendly peanut butter is the perfect sticky treat to offer long lasting reward during bath time. This tasty treat is the perfect companion for a lickimat or can be spread directly onto your tiles or bath tub! (Be sure to thoroughly clean the bath tub or tiles prior to spreading any food for your pet to prevent ingestion of potentially hazardous cleaning chemical residue) Licking is a natural soothing activity for dogs and can be the perfect activity for them to enjoy while you scrub them clean!


You’ve covered all the treats and supplements to help your pet get ready for bath time but now it’s time to prepare yourself! Make sure you prepare your shampoo, brushes and any towels or drying robes you may need ahead of the washing so that you’re all ready to go and can keep the process as quick as possible making it easier for your pet. Other things to consider include a bath matt or towel to line your bath, bath tubs and showers can be slippy for our pets and this especially important with senior animals that may have reduce mobility. Once you’ve run the bath, soak and lay an old towel or bath mat in the base of your tub or even in your shower tray, this can help provide better grip and give your pet a better sense of stability helping to improve their confidence. Be sure to close off to access to rooms you don’t want your wet pet to enter, preventing them from running around the house like a soggy tornado can reduce stress for both you and your dog.


The important thing to remember when dealing with stress and anxiety in dogs is that we should take everything at their speed and allow them to make the decisions. If despite using the products and tips we’ve recommended your dog is still shaking with fear or distinctly unhappy with the situation be sure to give them a break. We want to create long term results and avoid forcing them into something they’re not happy with. Even baby steps like your pet feeling confident enough to enter the bathroom while you’re running the taps, for a tasty peanut butter reward should be celebrated! Water free shampoos or a damp cloth can be a great way to bathe pets that don’t quite feel confident enough yet for the tub.


If you’re not sure how to manage your pets anxiety or you’re worried that you may need an extra helping paw in overcoming your pets fears always consult a canine behaviourist - they can provide tailored made plans for your pet and help you find a long term fix for problems that may even stretch beyond the bathroom! 


Written by Beth Walker RVN

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