Kitten Care and Feeding Guide: How to Look After a Kitten

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If you’re reading this, the chances are that you have recently become (or are about to become) a proud new parent to a feline-shaped bundle of joy and are looking to find out exactly how to look after a kitten. Whether you’ve got a playful tabby, or a dainty Siamese, welcoming a kitten into your home can be an exhilarating adventure. Much like bringing up a child. However, raising a kitten requires attention, love, and a little know-how.

This kitten feeding and care guide will help you navigate the crucial aspects of kitten care, from creating the perfect home environment to providing the right nutrition, supplements, toys, and exercise for your newest addition to the family. Make your new best friend feel right at home with the help of our advice for new kitten owners.

Creating a safe environment

Before you bring your kitten home, it’s important to create an environment where they can explore, play, and snooze to their heart’s content. This means it’s time to kitten-proof your home. Much like childproofing, this involves eliminating any potential hazards and creating safe spaces for them. 

Some common home hazards include loose wires and cables, toxic plants, (such as peonies, daffodils, tulips, lilies, and more), small loose items which may get ingested and any small nooks and crannies where they could potentially go exploring and get stuck.

Dedicate a space for your kitten where they can relax, for example, by placing their cat tree or bed in a quieter area of the home. This will then become their space.

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Kitten feeding guide

Kittens thrive when provided with a balanced and nutritious diet. When looking after a kitten, it’s important to understand that high-quality kitten food is a must, as it caters to their specific nutritional needs during this crucial growth stage.

When evaluating the ingredient list, prioritise items with substantial meat content while refraining from options with grains and synthetic additives. This approach to nutrition ensures your kitten receives the essential building blocks for healthy advancement.

Even the naughtiest of kittens deserve a treat every once in a while. But who said they can’t be nutritional and support your feline's overall health? Our natural cat treats can benefit your kitten’s coat health, digestion, immune system and more. 

If you need further assistance on what to feed your kitten, get in touch with your veterinarian or pet

nutritionist for advice.

Ensure that your cat has access to fresh, clean water regularly. Unlike dogs, cats can be fussy when it

comes to drinking, however, there are a few things you can do to encourage them to stay hydrated.

  1. Try having their food and water in separate areas of the home.
  2. Try using a drinking fountain
  3. If they still aren’t drinking, try to give them food with high moisture content.

If your kitten seems dehydrated, or if you’re simply not sure, contact your veterinarian who can provide plenty of useful and important advice for new kitten owners.  It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Supplements for your kittens

Supplements are additional nutritional components that can help bridge the gap between what your kitten gets from their regular diet, and what they might need for optimal health. Whilst balanced and high-quality kitten food should be the foundation of your kitten’s diet, certain supplements can address specific needs and concerns.

Joint supplements:

90% of cats over 12 years old suffer from arthritis, and it’s commonly known that cats are great at hiding pain and discomfort. This is why it is key to taking preventive action from an early age. As your kitten grows, their joints develop too. Joint supplements for cats can support healthy joint development and prevent potential issues later in life like hip dysplasia.

Omega-3 fatty acids:

These essential fatty acids are renowned for their benefits in promoting healthy skin, a shiny coat, and supporting cognitive development. Omega-3s are often found in fish oil supplements, such as salmon oil for cats, and they can contribute to your kitten’s overall health & vitality. 

Probiotics and digestive enzymes:

A healthy digestive system is crucial for your kitten’s nutrient absorption. Supplements like our Natural Pre & Probiotic Powder can promote a balanced gut microbiome, while digestive enzymes can aid in breaking down food and improving nutrient absorption.

Dental disease prevention:

70% of cats develop some form of dental disease before the age of two. However, this can often be prevented with the right cat dental care products. Natural dental supplements are quick, easy, and effective when added to a kitten's meal daily. It also avoids any nasty scratching or biting when you’re trying to brush your teeth.

Calming supplements:

Entering a brand new environment, for many kittens, can be somewhat stressful and anxiety-inducing. Our calming products for cats work to address any behavioural issues and help your kitten feel more relaxed and comfortable in their new home.

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Toys & mental stimulation for your kitten

Kittens are nature's little adventurers, and toys are their passports to endless exploration. Equipping your kitten with a variety of toys not only keeps them physically active but also nurtures their cognitive development. 

Interactive toys, such as wands, lasers, and balls, are great for fulfilling your kitten’s hunting instincts. 

Soft toys are great not only for comfort but also for teething. This will give them something to chew on that won’t damage their teeth or gums. 

Other toys that kittens tend to love are tunnels, tents, and high cat trees. 

Alternative forms of exercise and play can come from mental stimulation in the form of lick mats, which are great as you can put whatever your kitten enjoys in them. We think salmon oil mixed with their favourite treats makes a great combination.

You can even freeze these to make them last longer.

Litter training for your kitten

One of the essential steps in helping your kitten settle in comfortably is litter training. But don't worry – with a dash of patience and a sprinkle of love, you'll have your kitten using the litter box like a pro in no time!

Choose a cosy corner for the litter box. A serene space away from their food and water will make your kitten feel comfortable.

When looking for what litter to use, opt for a non-clumping, unscented litter for your companion and place about 2 inches of litter in the box. A popular and affordable option is wood pellets.

When they first arrive at their new home, show them where their litter tray is by putting them in it. And then, after meals and playtime, place your kitten in the litter box again, and their instincts will lead them!

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Looking after a kitten

Now that you have reached the end of this kitten feeding and care guide, you're equipped with valuable insights to provide top-notch care for your new companion. Looking after a kitten is a delightful adventure filled with love and learning. By creating a safe haven, ensuring a balanced diet, considering supplements, selecting engaging toys, and embracing exercise, you're laying the foundation for a joyful companionship.

Remember, every kitten is a unique soul with distinct needs. Enjoy the giggles, playtimes, and quiet moments together. Being a responsible kitten parent means continuous care – regular vet visits, adapting their routine and nurturing their growth.

Celebrate milestones and cherish memories, for your kitten will soon blossom into a loving cat. So, relish this journey! Your kitten is ready to explore life's wonders, and you're the guiding star in their story of love and friendship. 

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