Mia’s Sensational Salmon Oil Story

Mia’s Sensational Salmon Oil Story

We love to be able to share success stories from dedicated pet owners who have had great experiences with our products. We recently had the chance to speak to Mia’s owner, Elaine, who has been using our Natural Scottish Salmon Oil since 2023, and has seen great improvements in Mia’s joint health, her mobility, and the condition of her coat.  

Mia is a very active dog who loves to partake in flyball, but she also suffers from arthritis and had experienced clicking within her wrist joints. After a visit to the vet, they recommended that Mia would benefit from a supplement like salmon oil. Elaine made the decision to choose us and we’re so grateful that she did.  


How Has Salmon Oil Benefited Mia’s Skin and Coat? 

Elaine told us that Mia is always getting compliments on how ‘lovely shiny her coat is’ and ‘how healthy she looks’. 

One of the most well-known benefits of our salmon oil is the glossy coat and healthy skin it brings. This is because it is packed with omega-3, 6, and 9, which are key to achieving that healthy glow for your pet, amongst a range of other health benefits. 


How Has Salmon Oil Benefited Mia’s Joints and Mobility? 

After 8 weeks of Mia using our Salmon Oil, she visited her physiotherapist. In this visit, the physiotherapists was surprised to discover that the clicking in Mia’s wrist had completely stopped, and her movement and flexibility had both improved. This was a landmark moment in Mia and Elaine’s salmon oil journey, as it showed that it really was working. 

But how does it work? Well, the omega-3 fatty acids specifically, which are within our Salmon Oil are the reason you will see improvements in your pet’s joint and mobility, just like Mia’s. ‘Mia is now enjoying her active lifestyle, and her wrists are no longer stiff!’.  added Elaine. 

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Why Did You Choose Pets Purest Salmon Oil? 

There are several salmon oil options out there, but why should you choose Pets Purest? Elaine made the decision to start using our 100% Natural Scottish Salmon Oil back in 2023 off the back of a recommendation and hasn’t looked back since. What helped Elaine make the decision was the large number of excellent reviews she could find online from over a thousand happy pet owners.  


Elaine also stated that having the option to subscribe and save was an added bonus, as it meant Mia would never be without her must-have supplement whilst saving money with every delivery. 


Our Subscribe and Save scheme is a great way to ensure your pet never runs out of their favourite supplements and treats. With this, you’ll save 20% on every order, enjoy hassle-free, convenient deliveries, and have access to exclusive VIP offers and launches. What’s not to love?! 

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