Our Pets Purest Guide to Dealing With Fleas on Your Pet This Autumn

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Fleas, Lice and Ticks are usually associated with the hot summer months, but did you know that fleas could be the unwanted residents in you & your pets’ homes this autumn?

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Be careful as your home can provide the perfect breeding ground to these pests.

Turning up your heating in the autumn months can provide the perfect temperature for fleas. A house heated between 21 and 25 degrees Celsius can cause dormant flea pupae (cocoon type stage) to hatch into adults and create an ideal breeding ground.

It's important to treat your pet for fleas regularly all year round, as even if there's no signs of fleas in your home your pet may have a chance to catch them. Pets Purest 100% Natural, No Nasties, Organic British-made Flea Tick & Lice treatment will protect your pets all year round as well as this autumn. Make sure you also treat your home, using the instructional information on our Flea Tick & Lice Spray bottle. The flea pupae like dark and warm spots so make sure you treat all floors, under sofas and beds and even spray a small amount in your hoover.

If fleas are making your home life miserable and your pets uncomfortable and itchy, Pets Purest suggests:

  1. Treat your ailing pets by using our Flea Spray
  2. Keep fleas at bay by treating your home

Your pet’s vet can recommend the type of prevention that will keep fleas from invading your homes. It comes in different forms:

  • Topical (like a liquid or spray applied to your pet’s skin)
  • Oral (taken as a pill or treat)
  • Flea collars

Why you should choose Pets Purest Flea, Tick & Lice Spray today:


Would you give your pet a tablet or liquid with ingredients that companies try to keep 'secret' and that you can't even pronounce?! If, like us, the answer is NO then our ALL NATURAL Flea, Lice & Tick Spray is the right choice for you. We are proud to tell you our ingredients are 100% natural and we don't include any nasty chemicals so you can have peace of mind. 100% SAFE for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Ferrets and all Pets.



 A powerful natural formula. Unlike one-off chemical tablets our natural spray can be used regularly.



Unlike other natural formulas, we don't water down our product, we use the most effective and complete natural ingredients to create a powerful concentrated formula. You can also be sure that our product is 100% safe without any hidden chemicals that are found in the majority of flea products.



Our natural concentrated formula gives much better value for money that other inferior products. If you are fed up of trying to disguise nasty tablets in your pets food then our simple and easy to administer spray will be a godsend! Simply spray onto your pets coat with our no mess spray pump.



 At Pets Purest, we love our four-legged friends. That's why we make only the purest supplements for pets. Our Pure Flea, Lice & Tick Spray features all-natural ingredients and is made in Britain.

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