The Benefits of Grain Free Pet Food

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The Benefits of Grain Free Dog and Cat Food

Are you looking into a grain free diet for your pet? In this blog, we’ll highlight the benefits of grain free dog food as well as the benefits of grain free cat food so you can ensure your companions  are getting the most nutritious meals possible. 

Here at Pets Purest we are dedicated to providing only the best, natural products for our animals. We strongly believe that feeding your pet a grain free diet, containing more protein and animal fats and fewer carbohydrates is highly beneficial for your four-legged friends.  


Veterinary texts report that gluten sensitivity is a possibility in any dog, and with wheat and gluten being in the majority of pet foods, this can increase allergens and sensitivities. Most regular dog food is stuffed with wheat, corn, and soy, but grain free dog food eliminates all of these ingredients. Some of the benefits of grain free dog food are that it contains more protein, meat, and animal fats whilst having lower levels of carbohydrates than the regular stuff. Our tasty grain free dog treats can easily be used as part of a meal or for training your pet, and the benefits of a grain free diet for your dog are endless – it’s an absolute must-have! 


Pets Purest range of grain free dog treats is 100% natural, contains no grain, no gluten, no additives, and includes meat, vegetable, and fruit proteins that are easily digestible. Grain free food that is rich in real meat products and protein can improve the skin and coat of your dog whilst also providing energy and well-balanced nutrition packed full of vitamins and minerals. Our products contain no nasty chemicals or additives which makes them a safe bet without the worry that they are making your pet unhealthy. The high protein content is just what your pet needs and the small tasty treats are perfect for puppies and dogs of any age. 


Here are some of the many ways that the Pets Purest grain free dog treats can help your canine companion:

  • Better digestion
  • Helps keep pets fuller for longer, resulting in eating less frequently 
  • Reduces and prevents food allergies
  • Increases energy levels
  • Fewer and smaller stools
  • Healthier skin
  • Shinier coat
  • Less shedding
  • Improved breath and oral hygiene


And let’s not forget about your feline friends! The benefits of grain free cat food are equally numerous. One main benefit is that feeding grain free helps to reduce your cat's allergies. Many pets have reactions to grain which cause itchy, dry skin, loose stools, an upset stomach, inflamed skin, and frequent scratching. To avoid such reactions, and see a visible difference to your cat’s skin and coat, our range of 100% natural grain free cat treats are a perfect addition to any grain free cat diet.


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At Pets Purest, we love our furry friends and pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality Pet Treats. Our Grain Free Treat Range is made up of all-natural ingredients and is manufactured in Britain.

Best of all, pets love the flavour of grain free, so get some tails wagging and order yours today! Whilst you’re there make sure to check out our complete range of all natural dog products, natural cat products, and small animal treats for other pets.


Read through some of our reviews and find out why pets can’t get enough of our Grain Free Treats!

‘Great company with great products at very good prices! Lovely company to deal with, personal service, quick to sort out a glitch. I already use their "Calm" product for my fearful reactive rescue, works wonders. I also ordered this company's "Salmon Oil", again, HUGE bottle, and their "Training Treats" great value and gluten free too! I recommend this company 100%.’

‘My lab is prone to itchy, dry skin. I have been able to use these treats without her allergies troubling her which is great!’

‘My dog had been having trouble with her dry skin so wanted something to help. I loved that it's all natural and my dog has seen some great improvements after using this. Would recommend and will be buying again!’

‘Great value for money and perfect size treats!’ 


We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions regarding an order or need advice on any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our friendly customer care team will be happy to help.
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