Tips To Help When Travelling With Dogs

Tips To Help When Travelling With Dogs

As the summer approaches, lots of us will be looking at staying in the UK for our vacations this year and perhaps even taking our four-legged friends along for the adventure too! 

So what better way to welcome the warmer weather (we hope) than with a list of our top tips for travelling with your canine companion. 


Find your local vet practice 

Wherever you’re staying it’s always worth making a note of the most local vet practice’s contact details and ensuring you also have the details for the relevant out of hours service provider. In more rural areas veterinary practices are more likely to filter their emergency services to a central provider meaning that the local clinic may be unmanned at night or over the weekend. 

Pop the details somewhere in your phone and don’t rely on having an internet signal to find them. We hope you won’t need them but it’s best to have them readily available if you do. 

If your pet has ongoing medical issues or has been recently treated for a particular condition it may be worth asking your normal veterinary practice to email your pet's history across to the veterinary practice near where you’re holidaying to help them provide the best ongoing care should you need it. It is also worth making a note of any medication your pet is currently taking as well as previous medications they may have used. 



Pets in unfamiliar places can easily become lost, whether they’re spooked by sudden loud noises or simply escape through an unsecured fence, they’ll often struggle to find their way back if they’re not somewhere they’re used to. 

Before travelling anywhere ensure your pets microchip details are up to date and relevant, ensuring you have a mobile contact number available not just your home number! 

Microchips are a legal requirement for dogs in the UK, if your pet is not microchipped speak to your local veterinary clinic. 

Some people may also consider the use of a holiday tag with details for where you’re staying, this is particularly useful if you regularly holiday in the same place however simple pet tags are cheap and widely available to purchase, some pet-friendly holiday homes will provide these for your use while staying there. Having the address of the holiday home on the tag can speed up the reunification process, especially if the dog is found in the local area. 

In the UK it is a legal requirement for all dogs to be wearing a collar with a tag that bares the name and address (including postcode) of the owner engraved or written on it. 


Make backup plans 

While we all like to make big plans for our holidays to make the most of our time away, if travelling with your pet it is important to ensure you have backup plans for any sudden changes in the weather, especially for warm days. Every year dogs sadly pass away due to owners underestimating the effect of hot weather on their pets, whether they’ve been locked in a hot car or even just spent too long on the beach, hot weather can kill, so make sure whatever the weather you’re able to keep your pet safe, whether that’s packing a raincoat for sudden downpours or ensuring that someone can hang back with your pup with a cool fan on hot days, their safety should be paramount. 


Always carry plenty of water 

If you’re heading out in the car or venturing out on foot make sure you’ve got plenty of water for you and your pup. You will likely be spending more time outdoors and more time actively walking around so your pet may be more thirsty than usual. Bringing your pet's own water and bowl will help keep them hydrated and also reduce the risk of them catching any unwanted illness’ from shared or communal dog bowls.


Pack your pets normal food 

It’s always worth packing slightly more food than you think you may need just in case there are any last-minute changes to your plans. Sudden changes in diet due to running out of food can easily lead to stomach upset for your pup. 

Don’t forget to also pack your pet's favourite treats so they can enjoy an extra special something while on their summer holidays. View our full range of natural, healthy goodies here. 


Bring familiar home comforts for your dog 

Whether it’s their favourite bed, a crate they use at home or their beloved blanket our pets enjoy their home comforts as much as we do. Bringing toys and beds with a familiar scent can help make the transition into a new place much easier and also provide them with a safe place to camp out if they’re tired from a long day of exploring.  


Consider the use of calming products 

Not all dogs enjoy travelling and some can find car journeys and new environments stressful, consider the use of products such as Calming Drops or specially formulated Calming Treats with lavender and camomile to help provide your pet with a more relaxing experience. 

If you think your pet may be suffering from more severe travel anxiety or travel sickness it’s worth having a consultation with your vet to see if there are suitable medical treatments available to help. 

Wherever you’re heading we hope you and your pup have a great holiday and make the most of Summer, hopefully with a few Pets Purest treats along the way! 


 Written by our Vet Nurse & Behaviourist Expert Beth Walker RVN

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