Top Causes Of Itchy Skin & How To Treat Them

Top Causes Of Itchy Skin & How To Treat Them

Causes of Itchy Pet Skin

How Can You Treat Your Pet’s Discomfort?

If you’re a pet owner, then you’re certainly familiar with the many different ailments and symptoms of an uncomfortable pet. From stress and anxiety, to ordinary skin allergies and itchy skin, it’s our job as a pet owner to ensure that we have access to the right solutions to treat our pets’ discomfort. With that in mind, let’s talk a bit more about itchy skin and the causes of this common, yet uncomfortable symptom that many pets experience quite regularly.

Keep reading down below to learn all about the causes of itchy pet skin and how to treat it.

Seasonal Allergies

While you might not believe, our pets are actually prone to seasonal allergies just like us! This means that your pet could suffer from a runny nose, congestion, and even itchy, dry skin. In fact, seasonal allergies is often one of the most common culprits of itchy skin in pets and that should go without saying! Think about it; dry skin almost always becomes itchy and prone to irritation and inflammation.

But then again, WebMD says that “compulsive scratching, licking, and chewing behaviors are quite common in dogs and have a variety of causes.” So, when determining if your dog is actually struggling with seasonal allergies, look for problem areas with red, wet, and irritated skin.

Boredom & Anxiety

When we’re feeling bored, stressed out, or anxious, we experience a number of symptoms – whether we even realize it or not. Boredom can include pacing, and stress and anxiety can include a feeling of restlessness. When it comes to our pets, boredom and anxiety can manifest itself in different ways – and one of them is itchy skin.

When people with anxiety bite their nails, twirl their hair, or tap their fingers, pets tend to chew, luck, bite, or scratch at their skin to let out some of that energy. If you see your dog develop some obsessive behaviors, try to consider their activity level.


As you can see, itchy pet skin can be caused by a few invisible enemies, like seasonal allergies and boredom or anxiety. But it can also be caused by physical, visible enemies – even if they’re really, really hard to spot! Parasites like ticks, fleas, and mites can be a main cause of itchy skin for pets.

While one can easily spot a tick on a dog or a cat, fleas and mites can be nearly impossible to spot until there’s a large infestation. If you have reason to believe that your pet is suffering from a flea or mite infestation, the first thing to do is call your vet!

How Pet Purest Can Help

Here at Pet Purest, nothing is more important to us than bringing real-world solutions to the table for pet owners far and wide. If your pet struggles with itchy skin caused by seasonal allergies, if your pet has developed obsessive itching behaviors due to boredom or anxiety, or if your pet is recovering from a parasite, we might have the solution you need.

Come and pay us a visit to view our Salmon Oil product specifically designed to treat their itchy symptoms. With just one dose a day, you can treat itchy pet skin. Click the link down below to learn more.


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