A Guide To Our Delicious Treats

A Guide To Our Delicious Treats

Lets Talk Treats

Here at Pets Purest, we love our pets and we love to show them that with tasty treats! However, the pet market is flooded with treats that are full of fillers and undesirable ingredients, some of which can even be dangerous to the health of our pets. We like to know exactly what we’re feeding our pets and that’s why we decided to make our range of 100% Natural and 100% Delicious treats! So you can treat your pet safe in the knowledge that they’re only receiving the best ingredients and even better they are packed full of the health benefits nature intended. 

Air Dried Treats


We use a traditional chemical-free air-drying process. Our treats are expertly dried using low temperatures to lock in vitamins, minerals and goodness along with enhancing the aroma and giving a great taste that your dog will love. A great option for dogs with allergies, our range of air-dried goodies are limited to just one or two ingredients, helpful for those on single protein diets or trying to avoid certain ingredients. 

We’ve added a list of the tasty air-dried goodies we stock to this blog so you can see a brief overview of the full range as well as their ingredients so you can select what works for you and your pet! 




Training Treats 


Whether you’re training tricks, teaching your pup to walk nicely on the lead or starting a new sport like agility, you’re probably looking for the perfect treat to reward your pet! We’ve got just what you need with our range of healthy training treats! Available in either Poultry or Fish flavour our grain-free training treats stick to a simple, but healthy recipe, to maximise taste and health benefits. As these treats contain no additives or unwanted extras you can use them without the worry that they are making your pet unhealthy. The high protein content is just what your pet needs and the small tasty treats are perfect for puppies and dogs of any age. You can also feed these to your cat, so they’re something that can keep the whole family happy! 


Our 100% Natural Grain Free 80% Poultry Meat Premium Treats contain: 80% Freshly Prepared Poultry (Chicken 33%, Duck 29%, Turkey 18%), Potato and Chicken Gravy. 


Our 100% Natural Grain Free 80% Fish Meat Premium Treats contain 80% Freshly Prepared Fish (Salmon 43%, Trout 23%, White Fish 12%, Salmon Stock 2%), Potato and Sweet Potato.

So the only thing left for you to do is pick a flavour! Or why not try both? Our large 500g bags come with a resealable seal to help keep them fresher for longer, perfect for refilling your treat pouch on the go or keeping stored safely at home. 


Functional Treats 


 We also stock a variety of functional treats, packed full of natural ingredients with specific benefits, so you can treat your pet and look after their health at the same time so whether you’re looking to help your pets skin and coat look glossy or help keep plaque off your pet's teeth we have something for everyone. Our range includes our 


Something different 

We know some pets are a little bit fussier than others, not everyone likes crunchy snacks or big chews, so our 100% Natural Peanut Butter For Dogs is the perfect option! It’s super versatile and can be used in enrichment toys, to hide medication or just as a tasty snack. We believe in keeping things simple and nutritious, that’s why, unlike other products, Pets Purest 100% Natural Peanut Butter For Dogs uses only sustainable ingredients. We never use palm oil. We also do not include dangerous Xylitol, Salt or added Sugar. Our peanut butter is made from 98.2% peanuts, the only other ingredient is Vegetable Oil, helping it spread easily whatever you’re using it for! 


Have you tried anything in our range? Does your pet have a favourite? We’d love to see! Share your pictures on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us @PetsPurest.

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