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Keeping Pets Happy, Safe & Calm During Bonfire and Firework Season


Our Guide to a Happy Pet over the Autumn months

Here at Pets Purest we love the crispy leaves under our feet as we walk our pets, the beautiful brown and orange autumnal tones and the cosy cuddles by the fire. However we know this can be a stressful time for many pets across the UK as they come into contact with unfamiliar sounds, smells and bright lights. 

Why Do Pets Get Nervous About Fireworks?

Cats, dogs and many other animals’ powerful senses mean that they are far more sensitive to loud noises than we are, and remember that our pets experience of fireworks is different to that of other natural loud noises.


What Can You Do About It?

Here’s a few tips on how to keep your pets nerves under control and make them feel safe and happy during an otherwise frightening time.

1. Make sure your pet’s microchip details are up-to-date

Early October is a good time of year to make sure that your microchip details are correct and that they are wearing a collar and ID tag. Pets can react very badly to the unfamiliar sights and sounds of fireworks and statistics show that last year there was an increase in the number of calls to lost pet lines around October/November. We hope this never happens to your pet, but it is always good to be prepared and keeping up-to-date records on your microchip means that if a pet goes missing around fireworks night they will be returned to their owners. 

2. Keep your pet active

Studies have shown that pets that are more active are less likely to experience signs of anxiety, so going for walks or making sure there are things to keep them active and moving will mean they are more likely to sleep through the sounds and lights of fireworks. 

3. Make your home a super safe, cosy retreat for your pet

Make a safe den for your pet to curl up in and feel comfortable. Don’t forget to shut all windows and doors, and draw the curtains or shut the blinds to black out any scary flashes from outside. It’s also advised to block off cat flaps to stop your pets escaping.

4. Always reward calm behaviour 

Rewarding your pet’s positive and calm behaviour with Pets Purest Grain Free Treats is a great way to instil calmness in your pet. We advise never to tell your pet off as this will only make them more distressed. It’s important for us to remember that it is natural for a pet to be frightened of loud noises and unfamiliar sounds and sights. 

5. Plenty of cuddles!

Snuggles with your pet is not only calming for us but also for our pets. It is important to let them know that we are there for them and acting and behaving as normal will allow your pet to pick up on positive, calming signals so be as cheerful as loving as you usually would. Your pet may want to hide or go underneath furniture, this is normal behaviour and if your pet comes to you for comfort, always comfort them.

Tried everything and still have anxious pets?

If you have exhausted this list and are still not having any luck in calming your pet down, we strongly recommend our 100% Natural Calming Formula made without any toxic chemicals or nasties. Pets Purest Calm PRO is a 100% natural remedy specifically designed to help animals cope with stress and anxiety, our drops will have immediate effect in calming your pet. It only takes around 20 minutes for the drops to work - much quicker than tablets and easier to administer to your pets, simply mix into their food and you’re good to go.

How Does The Calming Formula Work? 

Pets Purest Calm PRO contains valerian which is a powerful, non-addictive relaxant, sedative and pain reliever - proven to reduce nervous anxiety, agitation and hysteria. It also contains Magnesium which most animals are deficient in - this deficiency can lead to excess adrenaline which can lead to stressed out pets.

At Pets Purest we know that happy pets mean happy owners - so don’t take it from us - here’s how some of our customers and fellow pet owners reacted to the results of our 100% Natural Calming Formula:

“I've been using this product to help calm my anxious Jack Russell who gets very stressed at this time of year with the onset of fireworks. She is much less stressed and I highly recommend the product.” - Jane 

“FINALLY..... something that works. my Spaniel is 8 and has always had anxiety problems when no one is home even though we also have a 10yr old very calm Labrador. I have tried everything even from the Vet but all was failed until NOW This has taken just over two weeks to get fab results and happy neighbours who find it nice and quiet now. No more howling, no more turning around and tripping over my little Spaniel who is like my wee shadow THANK YOU SO MUCH Without a doubt i would 100% recommend this product” - Sandra

“Still trying different dosages but I am really impressed. My collie is a nervous wreck in Oct/Nov because of fireworks. I have tried many things including a specific jacket, but the problem is whenever she hears a firework that’s it - she won’t go out in the garden or leave the house. Even if the fireworks make her jump, she will now go out. Definitely won’t be without these drops now.” - Mrs L. Dale

“My young one year dog is extremely boisterous, the calming aid has certainly helped by gently soothing him. It doesn’t knock him out but does as it says calms him especially in the evening” - Alex

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