Pet Calming Treats & Calming Aids

We know that a healthy mind makes a healthy body and this is just as important for our pets as it is for us, which is why we created our 100% natural calming range. Our all-natural calming drops & treats have been proven to help anxious pets live a calmer, happier life.

We know that dogs can struggle with anxiety for lots of different reasons, including separation anxiety, travel anxiety, or anxiety with new people or surroundings. A daily dose of our Calm Pro can help your dog feel more relaxed and happy, keeping that tail wagging!

Does your cat suffer from anxiety? You are not alone, luckily we have something to help. Try a daily drop of our Calm Pro in their food or water and see the change in their behaviour almost instantly.

Our delicious cat and dog calming treats are made from all-natural, healthy ingredients, keeping your pet zen in their everyday life.