Mac’s Magnificent Mobility Journey

Mac’s Magnificent Mobility Journey

At Pets Purest, our mission is simple: to enhance the daily well-being of pets worldwide. Every heartfelt testimonial we receive from customers reaffirms our passion and dedication to what we do. We recently received an email from Ellie, the owner of a gorgeous 13-year-old Border Collie X Kelpie called Mac. 

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Ellie painted a picture of Mac as a pup who always revelled in bounding about and letting loose. Her exact words were “running riot!”, which I would suspect many of us fellow pet owners can relate with. However, over recent years, Ellie noticed Mac struggling with stiffness and soreness after outings, yet his indomitable spirit urged him on regardless of the discomfort. 


The Search For A Treatment 

When you notice that somethings not quite right with your pet, of course you want to help them the best you can. However when you Google your pet’s issue (other search engines are available!), hundreds of results come up all suggesting different things which can be certainly overwhelming as a pet owner.  

Ellie wanted to avoid going down the painkiller route and preferred instead to explore a natural treatment for Mac. After scouring the internet, Ellie came across Pets Purest after seeing many other pet owners recommend us.  

Mac's wellness journey commenced initially with our Salmon Oil. While not solely designed for joint health, its rich blend of omega-3, 6 & 9 fatty acids proved instrumental in starting to alleviate Mac's discomfort. 

“Within 3-4 weeks we definitely saw a difference in his stiffness as he was more subtle in the evenings when laying down”. 


Introducing Natural Joint Products 

Once Ellie observed the positive impact of the Salmon Oil, she sought to continue Mac's natural regimen and see if there was anything else she could do you improve his joint health. Embracing the power of holistic remedies, Ellie opted to complement Mac's diet with our Joint Support Drops and Turmeric Capsules, providing a powerful combination alongside the Salmon Oil. 

After just 3 weeks of incorporating our joint care products, Mac's mobility improved significantly. No longer hampered by limping, Ellie recounts how he gleefully resumed his romps, keeping pace with his one-year-old Border Collie companion. She joyfully shared how Mac now eagerly jumps up to greet the family, relishing in hugs and kisses, and delighting in the simple joys of playing with his toys each evening. This was something previously hindered by discomfort in his legs and hips. 

“This has been lifechanging. I have never seen Mac so fit and full of life. We noticed these started to work within a few weeks! I will forever be thankful for Pets Purest and giving Mac his happiness and playfulness back!” 


Do You Have A Story? 

Stories like Mac’s are so important for us to be able to get our name out there and help even more pets like Mac with natural remedies. Have you used our products and have had a great experience? Please get it touch at and we would love to share your story. 

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