Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe At The Beach This Summer

Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe At The Beach This Summer

Staying safe at the beach 

As the warm weather continues and restrictions to international travel remain, more and more of us will be heading to the coast to enjoy the lovely seaside destinations that the UK has to offer, likely with our dogs in tow. While many of our dogs love nothing more than a day at the beach it’s important to be aware of potential hazards so that you and your pup can make the most of your trip, so in this blog we’ll share our top tips to ensure you leave with nothing but happy memories of your beach trip!  

Provide Fresh Water - We all know the importance of providing fresh water for our pets during warm weather, however it is even more important when at the beach! Thirsty dogs may be tempted to drink saltwater from the sea, rock pools or even puddles if there isn’t enough fresh water available. Due to the high salt content, seawater quickly dehydrates dogs and can lead to serious illness. Ensure you offer water to your dog throughout your beach trip to prevent them from being tempted to give that salty liquid a taste.  

Water Safety - Make sure you check tide times ahead of travel so that you aren’t left disappointed by a tiny patch of beach or cut off by the tide while picnicking at your favourite spot. Fast rising tides catch people out and contribute to a significant number of RNLI rescues every year. Tide times can vary from day to day and have a reputation of being unpredictable. Ensure you stay aware of your surroundings, it’s not just changing tides that pose a risk, waves, rip currents and cold water temperatures can all pose a risk to us and our dogs, even with confident swimmers. If your dog does begin to struggle call 999 and ask for the coastguard. We all want to protect our dogs but going into the water could put your life in danger. Remaining on the beach will allow the coastguard to focus on rescuing your dog.

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Stay Cool - Make sure you provide shelter for your pet, find shade or create your own with a parasol or beach shelter to ensure your pet can take regular breaks out of the sun to rest and rehydrate. Cooling bandanas and coats are also a great option to help cool your pet down while out enjoying the sun.  

Sand Safety - There are also dangers to be found on the sand! Always check the temperature of the sand with your bare hand , the same as you would when walking on the pavement, as sand can quickly heat up and be just as much of a risk for burning your dogs paws. If it’s too uncomfortable to leave your bare hand or feet against the sand for 5 seconds it’s too hot for your dog. Be sure to also check the spot you choose thoroughly for debris, from broken bottles to leftover BBQ’s, unfortunately our coastlines are often littered with danger. Scanning your area for unwanted items will help you avoid any injuries and you can help keep our oceans clean by picking up any litter and taking it home with you to be recycled and disposed of correctly!  

Clifftop Safety - If you’re heading on any coastal walks while enjoying your beach break be sure to keep your pet on lead around the cliff tops, even the best behaved dog could dart off chasing something and innocent sniffing could bring your pet into close proximity to the cliff edge that may be unstable. This could lead to serious injury and in some cases can result in death. It’s just not worth the risk.  

Once home from your trip it’s recommended that you wash the salt off of your do to prevent them from ingesting large quantities when grooming themselves, it can also help prevent skin irritation and stop the coat from becoming too dry. It’s also recommended that you clean your dogs ears and ensure the ear canal is left dry to prevent any infections brewing, particularly for dogs with ‘floppy ears’ as these dogs are at a particularly higher risk of infection.  We recommend using our

‘100% Natural Ear Cleaner’ to keep your pets ears clean and clear, our 100% Natural Eye Wash’ is also a great addition to your beach bag to keep eyes clear of salt and sand.

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We hope our blog helps you and your pup make the most of your beach trip! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram, we’d love to see your pets enjoying their Pets Purest treats at the beach, they make the perfect snack for dogs on the go.  

Written by Beth Walker RVN

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