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100% Natural Premium Plaque Control
Premium Plaque Control Benefits No More Plaque, Tartar & Bad Breath: Control, eliminate, and prevent pet plaque and tartar build-up with our natural single ingredient solution. Freshen pet breath and keep each tooth clean and healthy. 100% Natural Ingredients: Our...
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100% Natural Grain Free Dental Plaque Off Premium Treats
Plaque Reducing Treats: Our recipe is healthy and simple, containing high levels of fresh protein - turkey & wild boar meat (64%) mixed with active ingredients to remove plaque & tartar plus freshen breath & remove odour. Activated Charcoal, Green...
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100% Natural Dental Spray 200ml
Easy Teeth & Gum Cleaning: Fed up with brushing your pet’s teeth? We are too! Keep infections away and prevent plaque build-up with our easy-to-use natural dental spray. Just spray into your pet's mouth each day. Chemical & Fragrance-Free: Our...
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100% Natural Antler Chew - Two Pack of Small
Benefits High welfare deer antlers: Our antlers are collected from UK Red Deer that have naturally shed and dropped off in forests. Long-lasting antler dog chew: Antlers are natural chews that are long lasting, as well as helping to clean your pooches’...
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Large Antlers for Dogs
Improve Dental Hygiene:  Our Deer Antlers for dogs are a great natural treat that help to prevent plaque build-up and strengthens the teeth. The chewing action removes plaque and stops smelly breath. Enrichment Treat: As a long-lasting chew, deer antlers...
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Daily Dental Supplement Treats for Dogs
Eliminates Plaque: Our Dental Supplement Treats are made with seaweed powder which is effective at reducing and eliminating plaque build-up, whilst preventing tooth decay. Seaweed contains enzymes that help keep your dog’s mouth free from bacteria. Supports Immunity: We’ve added...
We wanted to make keeping your pet’s teeth healthy as easy as possible, which is why we have created a range of 100% natural dental products & treats that keep your pet's pearly whites clean and free from disease. Does your dog have bad breath? You are not alone, a buildup of bacteria and plaque can make your dog's breath smell pretty bad, luckily our Plaque Pro can help keep your dogs breath fresh, making cuddle time enjoyable again! Our best-selling Plaque Pro is made from quality, all natural ingredients and has been proven to remove plaque and tartar build-up in dogs, keeping their breath fresh!
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