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Digestive Bundle

Digestive Bundle

Maintain your pet's gut health with our 100% Natural Prebiotic & Probiotic Powder, Tummy Settler and Digestive Treats.
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Why choose this product?

Selecting this new 'Go With Your Gut' bundle will help you maintain your pet's digestive health and keep them feeling their best from the inside out! With easy-to-use solutions like our Tummy Settler, it couldn't be easier to make digestive issues a thing of the past.

How do I use it?

100% Natural Prebiotic & Probiotic Powder:

Simply add to your pet’s food. It couldn’t be easier to use. If your pet is constipated, dilute with 25ml of water before adding.

Daily Amount: ½ teaspoon

Suitable for any breed of dog, cat, horse or ferret over 8 weeks old. It is not suitable for pregnant or lactating animals.

100% Natural Tummy Settler:

Using the syringe provided, simply add to food or administer directly into your pet’s mouth. With no hard pills or tablets to swallow, it couldn’t be easier to use.

Daily Amount: 2.5ml per 5kg of body weight.

Suitable for any breed of dog, cat, rabbit, horse, or ferret over 8 weeks old. If required, you can give the suggested amount twice daily. However, if symptoms persist, you should consult your vet.

This product is particularly suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs, or those prone to digestive issues, including Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Boxers, Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Weimaraners, Shih Tzus, French Bulldogs and Shar Peis.

Our products are gentle on tummies, specially formulated for everyday use. For best results, use daily as part of your pet’s daily wellness routine.

100% Natural Grain Free Digestion Aid Premium Treats | 70g:

For use as a complementary pet food as a treat or reward. Treats should not exceed more than 10% of your pet's diet as treats. Ensure fresh drinking water is always available. Supervision of your pet is recommended, preferably in a stain resistant area.

What’s in it?

100% Natural Prebiotic & Probiotic Powder

100% Natural Tummy Settler

100% Natural Grain Free Digestion Aid Premium Treats | 70g

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    100% Natural Ingredients

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    Balances Bacteria Within The Gut

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    Supports Healthy Digestive Function

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    Helps Maintain Healthy Stool Consistency

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100% Natural Prebiotic & Probiotic Powder

Natural Pre & Probiotic Powder supports the maintenance of your pet’s digestive health and maximises their nutrient intake, helping to keep them feeling healthy from the inside out. A great source of fibre, our 100% natural formula helps to keep the balance of good bacteria within your pet’s gut.

Regular use will help reduce the risk of constipation, avoid irritating anal gland issues and strengthen your pet’s immune system too. Our formula is 100% wheat, grain and gluten free.

Use alongside our Probiotic Supplement treats and Digestion Aid functional treats for better results.

100% Natural Tummy Settler

Our fast-acting tummy settler offers a range of digestive health benefits, helping to keep your pet feeling healthy from the inside out. Our 100% natural formula helps to alleviate the symptoms of indigestion, constipation and diarrhoea, whilst also helping to reduce wind.

After use, follow with our Digestive Support Powder which will aid recovery and/or our Pre & Probiotic Powder to help maintain optimal gut health moving forwards.

100% Natural Grain Free Digestion Aid Premium Treats | 70g

Our recipe is healthy and simple, containing high levels of fresh protein mixed with active ingredients to improve gut function. Prebiotics, Probiotics & Fibre promote healthy gut movement and the growth of good bacteria. Good digestion is crucial for a pet's health so they can obtain all the nutrients they need from their food.

Our treats are hypoallergenic, grain, gluten & lactose-free and produced using a traditional chemical-free air-drying process meaning they are perfect for any diet.

Know exactly what you are feeding your pet and avoid problems such as itching, digestive pain, obesity and allergic reactions associated with unhealthy treats.

  • 100% Natural, No Compromises

    We provide a range of 100% natural treats, supplements and hygiene products to help keep pets feeling healthy from the inside out!

  • Absolutely Amazing!!!

    My dog has suffered with his anal glands for around 8 months now. We have tried a lot with no joy, until I came across Pets Purest! - Lauren (June 2023)

  • Over One Million Happy Pets

    We're passionate about pet wellbeing and our promise is to support pet owners (and their pets) on a journey of daily wellness and lifelong happiness!

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