New Branding - Frequently Asked Questions

New Branding - Frequently Asked Questions

As you will have noticed, we’re in the process of rolling-out a fresh new look. We’ve introduced a new logo and website, with further exciting improvements to the site in the pipeline. We’re also in the process of updating our product packaging designs, so wanted to pre-empt a few questions that you may have about the new packaging:


When will the new packaging be switching over?

We are phasing-in the new packaging, with several products already available in the new design. There will be a short period where a mix of new and old designs are visible on the website.


Why aren’t you changing everything at once?

At Pets Purest we not only love pets, but we also love the environment too. We hate waste and didn’t want to throw away perfectly good products, just because they’re in old packaging. Rest assured; your pet’s favourite product will be available in the new packaging before you know it!


Will the ingredients be changing?

No, this is purely a packaging design change. The formulations will not be changing.


Will the price be changing?

No, there are no changes to pricing. It’s the same great products, just with a fresh new look.


Will the pack sizes be changing?

No, there are no changes to any of the pack sizes.


Will the usage instructions be changing?

No, there is no change to the instructions. We have however made them a little clearer on the new packaging, making it easier for you to use.


Will the expiry dates be changing?

No, there are no changes to expiry dates.


Will the physical packaging formats be changing?

No, all of our products will remain in the same formats. For example, the 100% recyclable plastic bottles we use on products like Salmon Oil will remain the same, however please note that some products may change from white to amber to complement the new branding.  


Will my subscription be affected?

No, all subscriptions will continue as normal.


Will any product names be changing?

Yes, some product names will be changing. This is to help pet owners better understand the specific function and benefits of the products. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to find all of the products you know and love.


Will the new packaging include a scoop in the Digestion Pro and Plaque Pro products?

No, in a move to reduce plastic waste, a scoop will no longer be provided in the Digestion Pro (now called Pre & Probiotic Powder) or Plaque Pro (now called Plaque Removal Powder) products.


A note from our Founder…

“We’re excited to introduce our new brand identity and hope that our customers love it as much as we do! The new packaging is fresh and modern, whilst still offering the same high-quality products that our customers know and love. 

At Pets Purest we're passionate about pet wellbeing and our promise is to support pet owners (and their pets!) on a journey of daily wellness and lifelong happiness.

Make sure you join our community on social media - we can’t wait to hear what you think.”

Oliver Bristowe - Founder (Pets Purest)

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