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Tummy Settler for Dogs, Cats & All Pets
Improves Gut Health: Our 100% natural, fast-acting cat, dog, and pet relief helps provide a natural balance to your animal's inner belly wellbeing. Promote good intestinal health by preventing an upset stomach, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea, loose stools, and wind. Fast Acting...
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100% Natural Digestion Aid
For Intestinal Health & Immune System: Using all natural ingredients this complete Digestion Aid ensures an optimal level of bacteria within the intestines of your pet. It helps ensure full and efficient digestion and also allows maximum nutrient uptake and stimulates an auto-immune response...
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100% Natural Grain Free Digestion Aid Premium Treats
Digestion Aid Treats: Our recipe is healthy and simple, containing high levels of fresh protein - duck & chicken meat (64%) mixed with active ingredients to improve gut function. Prebiotics, Probiotics & Fibre promote healthy gut movement and the growth...
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Daily Probiotic Supplement Treats for Dogs
The go-to supplement to provide balance and consistency to your sensitive pup. Soothe those tricky tummies, that are prone to digestion complications or sensitive to foods with easy-to-feed, 100% natural Probiotic supplement treats. Why we made this product: Every dog...
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100% Natural Puppy Life Drops 10ml
100% Natural Supplement for Puppies: A herbal remedy that gives young puppies a kick start to life and is safe. Due to the nature of the remedy, it is also beneficial for senior dogs, as it assists with reducing inflammation. Rich...
Does your dog have a sensitive tummy? We created a range of 100% natural digestive aids, supplements, and treats to help your pup. Some dogs are prone to having digestion issues, such as loose stools, hard stools, constipation, or sickness. Our Digestion Pro provides daily digestion support for dogs, while our tummy settler can help dogs who are suffering with an upset tummy or diarrhoea. Our digestion products contain natural sources of prebiotics and probiotics, to help maintain healthy digestion and stools, keeping your pet fighting fit and happy.
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